About us

Who we are

It all started in 2018, when provoked by the amount of waste in everyday life, we created Zero Waste Bulgaria. This happened on the symbolic date of 22 April – International Earth Day.

Today, with great enthusiasm and desire, we continue to work for the protection of the environment by spreading the philosophy of living waste-free in accessible language and with many examples.

Together with our team of volunteers committed to changing the way individuals live, we show the principles of the philosophy and how they work in reality.

What we do

Through various events and initiatives – seminars, company trainings, workshops in schools and universities, etc., we reach a wide audience and together with their feedback and support we continue to develop our activities online and offline.

From the beginning, we were all aware that habits are formed at an earlier age, so we were determined to do our best to work with students. To this end, we created a special methodology that includes 5 interconnected lessons and aims to introduce students to the principles of the zero waste philosophy. So far we have conducted training in 13 schools, 27 classes, in 7 of them with 5 lessons.

We also visit different companies annually where we give examples to employees on how to live zero waste at home and at work. Our hosts have included Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, Telenor, Bosch, Factset, and others.

If you’d like us to do training for you, your company, or your child’s school, email us at zerowastebulgaria@gmail.com.

There is always room for more volunteers on our team. If you too believe that a life without waste is possible and want to show it to the whole world, get involved here.

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